Continuum Rise


Over 100 workouts tailored to your goals!


Personal coaching for your unique fitness path.

The Three Pillars of Wellness

Exercise and Physical activity

Develop a complete protocol tailored to your experience level and Goals including: Strength & Conditioning, Zone 2 cardio, Mobility/Flexibility and High intensity activities or Sports

Nutritional Guidance

Give your body what it needs, when it needs it. Develop a intuitive relationship with food and Nutrition. Understand how to become Metabolically Flexible and Insulin Sensitive

Lifestyle and Stress Management

Develop your personal Rituals and manage stress by learning how to Breathe correctly both at rest and during physical activity. Expand your limits by experimenting with hot/ cold therapies, Sun exposure and Meditation

Our Core Values

The Continuum Rise method aims at restoring the body and mind to a state of Balance by working on the three main pillars: 

Body: By creating a sustainable Movement and Physical Exercise Practice

Mind: By inducing a state of Insulin sensitivity and Metabolic flexibility 

Spirit: Through Lifestyle Optimization

You are a Continuum, much more than the Sum of all your Parts and experiences.

Here is what our clients say

Continuum Rise transformed my life! I had never exercised consistently before and had no idea what to do at the Gym. Now I couldn’t imagine my Life without it!

This program is a game changer. Continuum Rise is about achieving long term transformation through creating a sustainable Lifestyle

What I love about Continuum Rise is that the program is tailored to my Goals and current Fitness level, and most of all I love that the workouts are FUN.

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